How Does The Miracle Cure Work?

Oxygen stimulates white cell production which in turns level-ups your immune system into a powerhouse, ready and equipped to destroy any enemy, be it bacteria, viruses, man-made chemicals, poisons and toxins.

Oxygen destroys all form of cancer cells because it is involved in the production of interferons, a protein instrumental in your body’s defense against viral attacks.

Oxygen also enhances the efficiency of antioxidants and consequently slows down the process of aging. Collagen is also prevented from breaking down, thus keeping wrinkles off your skin, and retaining the firm and supple texture of your skin.

Oxygen treatment has also been proven to treat severe pneumonia and asthma, respiratory distress syndrome, sleep apnea and even late-stage heart failure.

One of the most common oxygen treatments you are likely familiar with is hydrogen peroxide.

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During the time of your childhood, did you ever fell and scraped your knee, and mom had to pour hydrogen peroxide from the familiar brown bottle onto the wound to cleanse it?

Hydrogen peroxide tingles and fizzles in your wound because the oxygen battles the germs and pathogens.

The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2:

As you can see, hydrogen peroxide is basically made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Present in our body are enzymes which can break out hydrogen peroxide into its two components.

With the extra oxygen molecules in your system, they can drive more oxidative reactions.

With more oxidative reactions, they drive cellular respiration, energy metabolism, immune functions, tissue repair and many other reactions, including the production of white blood cells.

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